It is the policy of Brandon Garden Club (BGC) that all members participate in the annual Ways and Means Project (fundraiser), one community-wide project, and one continuing or new project.  Members may choose the continuing or new project based on their individual interest. The club predicts a minimum of 30% participation in each project.


Continuing Projects


Civic Development:

  1. Nurture growth in Rankin County Courthouse planters and those in Memorial Square by giving general horticultural care to established plants and replacing annuals quarterly.
  2. Work with the City of Brandon, city merchants, revitalization and beautification committees, and the Mayor on city projects such as Veteran's Day, Deck the Halls, Mayor's Prayer Breakfast and City at Large.
  3. Work with Habitat for Humanity officials in Rankin County and metro Jackson area to furnish landscaping and/or financial aid for a new home.
  4. Recognize one Brandon Business each month (September-May) for having an outstanding landscape or hardscape design by placing a sign on the property and presenting a Certificate of Appreciation.
  5. Plan and coordinate beautification projects in the three city-owned cemeteries.
  6. Nurture growth in the flower bed surrounding the Blue Star Memorial site at the Brandon Library.
  7. Assist the City of Brandon in continuing its "Tree City Project."
  8. Participate in National Garden Club, Inc.'s "Plant it Pink" project by purchasing and planting pink perennials in the City of Brandon. 


  1. Provide money for a scholarship in garden/landscape related fields of study at Hinds Community College in Rankin County.
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Garden Center:

  1. Educate the public and assist with the study of all aspects of gardening by providing books or other literature on gardening, horticulture, and flower arranging to the Brandon Library.

Garden Therapy:

  1. Provide at least two garden therapy programs or activities at the community living facility.
  2. Donate flowers and other floral materials from club meetings to community living facilities or home-bound individuals.

Ways and Means:

  1. Plan and host an annual fundraiser to showcase club members' floral skills and to raise funds to finance annual projects.

Historic Preservation:

  1. Continue preservation efforts in the Brandon Historic District.
  2. Plant at least one tree or flowering shrub, preferably at the Old Brandon Cemetery, to honor a contributing member of the community or in recognition of a historical figure.


  1. Plant at least one tree in a designated area of Brandon in honor of Arbor Day.
  2. Make contributions to The Garden Clubs of Mississippi, Inc. (GCM) projects: Avenue of Magnolias, Blue Star Memorials, Botanic Gardens/Beauvoir, Garden Therapy/Miss. State Hospital, GCM Scholarships to Mississippi State University (MSU), Governor's Mansion Landscape Fund, Habitat for Humanity, Horticulture Summer Camp (MSU), Lanoux Youth Nature Camp, Natural Disasters-USA, GCM State Headquarters, GCM State Headquarters Endowment Fund, GCM State Headquarters Landscape Fund, Wildflowers/Native Plants, and Penny Pines Reforestation.

Public Relations and National Garden Week:

  1. Celebrate gardens and gardeners during National Garden Week by encouraging the community to make the world a greener and more beautiful place by planting trees, bushes, and/or plants throughout Brandon.
  2. Provide and create public awareness of the values of the Brandon Garden Club through the news media and individual contacts.
  3. Maintain a website to publicize the Brandon Garden Club.


  1. Work with Brandon High School's special needs classes on either a bimonthly or monthly schedule to provide support for their greenhouse project.
  2. Provide art materials and information about fire prevention and litter control to Brandon Elementary School students as part of the National Smokey Bear and Woodsy Owl Projects.


  1. Help members establish habitats for wildlife through backyard habitat and birds projects.
  2. Plan and provide environmentally friendly activities and/or education to help establish "green" habits for community members and BGC members.
  3. Encourage recycling and generate support for a recycling program with the City of Brandon.
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