Membership Benefits

  • provide club members with information and materials that will assist them in attending district and state meetings as well as workshops and flower shows.
  • provide a seed and plant exchange for garden club members.
  • provide horticulture and gardening tips at each club meeting.
  • provide members access to information pertaining to planning and implementing projects and serve the community as a horticulture resource.
  • educate members on ways to be more eco-friendly.

How to become a Brandon Garden Club Member

The membership shall be composed of persons actively interested in gardening. Active members are expected to attend meeting regularly, pay dues, serve on committees, and participate in the active work of the club.

  1. A prospective member must be a guest for three meetings in the preceding garden club year to become eligible for membership.
  2. Any person whose name is submitted for membership in the club must be presented and approved by the Executive Board and then voted on by the club. A majority vote is required for membership.
  3. Any member recommending a person for membership shall submit that name to the Membership Chairman by the close of the April meeting.
  4. Persons nominated for membership will be voted on at the May meeting. This will be a closed meeting.

There will be three classes of membership:

Active, Supporting, and Honorary

  • An Active Member will pay dues in full as determined by the club, will have full voting privileges, must participate in the annual ways and means project plus one committee, and will serve as hostess once during the year.
  • A Supporting Member will pay twice the annual dues of an Active Member, will have full voting privileges, must participate in the annual Ways and Means fundraiser project, may attend all meetings, and may be a member of any committee.  A Supporting Member may not be an officer. To become a supporting member, a member must be or have been an active member for three years.  Applications for Supporting Membership must be made in writing to the Executive Board in care of the President.
  • An Honorary Member will pay no annual dues and will have no voting privileges. This honor is bestowed by the Executive Board to any member who has been actively involved or supported the Brandon Garden Club.